jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

25 things I love & 25 things I hate about LIFE

Life (things to do in LIFE)

I Love...
1. Having fun
2. Swim (Beach)
3. Food (Eat)
4. Sleep
5. Dance (Night Clubs)
6. Laugh
7. Flirt
8. Surf
9. People that are different
10. Simple people
11. Dogs
12. Mom and Dad
13. Boyfriend
14. Rain
15. Waves
16. Cloudy days
17. Ice in drinks
18. Music
19. Attractions (roller coasters, most scary ones)
20. I love... VERY FEW people
21. Ignoring things
22. Caring less about everything
23. Being alone
24. Play cards & scrabble

I Hate...
1. Many people
2. School
3. Rules
4. Government
5. Facebook
6. "Social Life"
7. Cats
8. Waking up early
9. Work
10. Hypocrite people
11. Ska, punk, emo!
12. "Popular" people
13. "Cool, funny (NOT REALLY) people
14. Fake people
15. Annoying things
16. --------------> VAMPIRE MOVIES like..... "Twilight"!
17. Tennis shoes
18. "Fancy, glamorous, fashion, chic, snobby" people, shows, etc.
19. Rich People
20. "Know-it-all" or "Very Smart" People
21. READING (books)
22. Public bathrooms
24. "Love, fancy" movies
25. Depression.


domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

aiR polluTion

Air Pollution

In my opinion, the most serious environmental problem facing Earth today is air pollution. Air is essential for us humans to live; we breath air and it give us life. Now, if the air we breath on is polluted, our bodies will be polluted too after breathing it... and not only us humans but trees, plants, and animals too. According to Wikipedia, the Stratospheric ozone depletion due to air pollution has long been recognized as a threat to human health as well as to the Earth's ecosystems... The atmosphere is a complex dynamic natural gaseous system that is essential to support life on planet Earth. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_pollution> So, if we don't take care of this atmosphere, were done!

Air is easily distributed because is literally everywhere and it can even be trapped inside buildings, making it worse because lasts for a longer time. I've personally felt the effects of air pollution before, for example, when I visit Mexico City I feel drastic changes in my body. I start to feel tired, I have trouble breathing, my nose closes and gets dry, my eyes get red and itchy, my throat closes, gets dry too and hurts at night, my skin pores close and get dirty, etc. I know these effects are due to air pollution because here in Vallarta I don't feel any of those things. My skin feels clean, I sweat because my pores are open and I can breath perfectly! My nose doesn't close and my throat works just fine.
"Every day, the average person inhales about 20,000 liters of air. Every time we breathe, we risk inhaling dangerous chemicals that have found their way into the air." <http://library.thinkquest.org/26026/Environmental_Problems/air_pollution.html>We, humans, are the main contributors to this problem; we created products that pollute too much and we keep using them even after knowing their effects on us and Earth. Most of us, if not all of us, are aware of this problem but we don't do much about it. We keep polluting the Earth with everyday products like sprays, cars, fumes, air conditioning, fossil fuels, etc. We have caused this problem ourselves and the worst thing is that we don't care becasue we still pollute everyday... Although there's some that pollute more than others. This has become a major problem in some big cities like Mexico City and soon people will only be breathing contamination. "Mexico City’s air has gone from among the world’s cleanest to among the dirtiest in the span of a generation." <http://www.sbg.ac.at/ipk/avstudio/pierofun/mexico/air.htm>

There has been many consequences due to this issue, some have been severe; it's a cause and effect cycle that humans have made to themselves. Everyday, people suffer from health issues due to this problem, even more the ones that live in real polluted cities. In fact, "A study from 1999 to 2000 by the University of Washington showed that patients near and around particulate matter air pollution had an increased risk of pulmonary exacerbations and decrease in lung function... During the time of the study 117 deaths were associated with air pollution. A trend was noticed that patients living closer or in large metropolitan areas to be close to medical help also had higher level of pollutants found in their system because of more emissions in larger cities". <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_pollution>

Overall, air pollution have caused and keeps causing many damages to both humans and ecosystems. We gotta do something about it, or else, we will soon live in a world of pure pollution. Purity will dissappear from the air if we keep damaging nature and the atmosphere will someday dissappear!!! We need to take care of our friends the air cleansers called "trees and plants". We need to reduce the use of "sprays, air conditioners, cars, etc." I know we like comfort and easy living, but we also like to be healthy and clean, so the best way to mantain our planet alive is just to make some effort and take conscience of all the damages we are creating to ourselves.

Heal the world, make it a better place!

Image of the Earth shown above electronically retrieved from: http://sites.google.com/site/sanramoninfo/pollution.jpeg

lunes, 1 de marzo de 2010

Please write a paragraph blog post in reflection. In your pararaph you should let me know the projects that you really liked and why, also the projects that you felt could be improved (and how), if you could re-do your project now - what would you change?

I really liked Eric's and Rafa's commercials because in my opinion, they were perfectly made. I loved how they made them seem professional and how they were quite interesting. Although I liked both very much, I perfer Erik's... he made an awesome job! His project (commercial) was called "Power Plate" and it contained a lot of good information, cool music, and awesome visuals of examples of the "product". I feel there were other good ones but not as much as the first ones I mentioned. Erika Z's & Ari's were also good but I feel they needed improvement to make them more interesting. All of the other commercials I saw, in my opinion, were kinda bad.. or I didn't like them much. I feel like they all need to be improved (more interesting). I liked mine.. but I also believe I could improve it, though not that much. I believe my project is interesting enough.


martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

New Emerging Technology.

Sixth Sense technology...

WOW.. Ok..

Well, I have to admit I was AMAZED by this incredible video because it's real unbelievable stuff.. I actually couldn't believe this.. I have to say this is really AMAZING technology but sincerely I wouldn't want one of these because I see it too complicated for me to use it.. Plus, I dont like technology that much.. just the basic stuff. While I was watching the video I was thinking of how advanced are things now in days and how much more will it keep advancing. I'm just really impressed of how things are geting better and better with time.

What I feel are the greatest things about technology is the great access to information and the facilities it offers you everywhere... anywhere.! Another great thing about it is the fun, cool way you can do things with technology and how easy you can handle your life without having to do more than just a CLICK! This new stuff is awesome for "technology lovers" cause they have everything in the palm of their hands!

"Open Source", also known as "The Free Software" is the denomination of the software that respects the freedom of the users on his acquired product and, therefore, once obtained it can be used, copied, studied, changed and redistributed freely. I think this is somewhat good for the Software's Owner because as I said before, it can be used, copied, studied, changed and redistributed freely, which makes it much easier.

martes, 9 de febrero de 2010


Paragraph 1: Do you like/love/dislike/hate them? why? Are there other commercials that stick out in your mind as having had a profound effect on you? Why do you think that was? Please include a link to a commercial that you reference in your post.
Paragraph 2: What elements are you going to use in your commercial? What challenges are you expecting to face in this project.


Paragraph 1: Yes, I liked the commercials we saw in Class, they were pretty good. Some of them were very funny and one of them, the "Zazoo Condom Commercial", was my favorite, I actually loved it, & here's the link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K45m79fEyz8.
There are other commercials that stick out in my mind as having had a profound effect on me.. for example, many of the Coke Commercials and the beer "Corona" one's are pretty cool too.. they are long, interesting kind of commercials that you never forget.

Paragraph 2: Since we are working on a video about a Commercial in Computer Class.. our teacher told us to check out and see some "already existing" commercials as examples for us to get an idea about the bussiness. Most of the commercials were funny.. some of them SUPER FUNNY and actually made their point. I love how people use funny, ironic, satirical situations to make a commercial. Many of these are actually parodies about actual things that are .. silly? ridiculous? ..? Anyway, they were cool videos and they worked good as commercials because they were able to make a point. Maybe i'll use some of these elements too.. or maybe i'll use the "documental/informative" way like enterviewing someone about a product or place (bussiness).. I think that's gonna be my challenge for this project.

martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Video Proposal

For my video,
I will ask my friend Eric Sauer to give me his opinion about a certain product, for example, he's New I-touch. He will tell the audience (camera) about his cool I-touch and explain what he likes about it and why is it useful. He will the continue by telling us why should everyone have one and how are much are they going to enjoy it .He will talk about the many "cool-functions" this product has and persuade us until he make us want to buy it. He will be passionate and cool about it, showing off how he loves to have an I-touch in his hands.

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Texting Problem

We all know the risks and consequences of "texting" right? It is logical. If you are willing to take a nude picture of you and send it to someone else.. then that's your decision. Even more, if she's already 18 years old she should take better care and responsibility about her actions. No one but her is guilty about what happened, and, i mean, you are free to do whatever you like with your person.. but if you are going to do those kinds of things then do them with decision! If you are going to send a nude picture of you to another person, as much as you love or trust in this person, there's always about the 99.9% that they will betray on you. So, If you think on doing something like that, then do it, and if this person to whom you send a nude picture of you then sends it to a thousand more friends, then be 0kay with it (deal with it), because you knew something like this could happen and you still didn't give a damn. There has been many other examples of this problem and many of the "victims" are not killing themselves because, well, they know what they did and what the consequences were, so they just deal with it and ignore "harassing" or "mean comments" or "making fun". Besides, if you have the "guts" or are sufficiently careless about doing this kind of actions, then there's no way you would think of killing yourself because of the consequence. I think it's smarter to just accept it and be like "0k yeah, i did it, whatever"(if you already did and you're in problems now).

In other hand, about blaming the school... THE SCHOOL has nothing to do with the problem. A school can control sooo many students and make them not PASS THE NUDE PICTURE! The school did what it was to be done and apparently it didnt work but its not their fault. I think that this girl, Jessica, shold've just thought better before doing this. I truly vbelieve it was the parent's and the girl's fault because they were both who decided this to happen. This girl was just not thinking in the consequences and was to weak to go through her problem.. and also, didnt have the strenght and support (consolation) from her parents. They were just both guilty.. not the school.